Student Presentation Competition

DASP Student Competition

The Division of Aeronomy and Space Physics proudly presents its Student Presentation Competition, held during the annual DASP Workshop. The contest showcases the brilliance of emerging minds in the field - students from various disciplines within aeronomy and space physics are invited to join in. Each student presentation is judged according to the DASP Student Presentation Rubric, with the scores tallied at the end of the week to find out who takes home first, second, and third place prizes. From unravelling the mysteries of Earth's upper atmosphere to exploring the far reaches of the magnetosphere, we look forward to seeing the passion and dedication of the next generation of space scientists at work!

To join the competition, simply check the corresponding box on your abstract submission to DASP 2024. 

Past Winners

2024: 1st: Jari Swanson (UAlberta), 2nd: Erik Halliwell (UAlberta), 3rd: Cassandra Mckenna (UAlberta)

2023: 1st: Sneha Susan Babu (UAlberta), 2nd: Vadym Bidula (McGill), 3rd: Pouya Pourkarim (UCalgary)

2022: Hannah Parry (UAlberta), Sneha Babu (UAlberta), Kyle Reiter (UCalgary)

2020: Victoria Foss (UCalgary), Leonid Olifer (UAlberta), Kyle Reiter (UCalgary)


2018: 1st: Melanie Hammer (3rd place in CAP Competition, Dalhousie), 2nd: Mathieu Perron-Cormier (UMontreal), 3rd: Candice Quinn (UCalgary); Poster Winner: Jordan Grattan (UNB)

2017: Lindsay Goodwin (Honourable Mention in CAP Competition, USask)

2016: David Themens (Honourable Mention in CAP Competition, UNB)

2015: Matthew Patrick (UCalgary)