Community Resources

Here you can find a broad range of community-led resources and information that should be helpful for new and existing members of the community.

Working with Canadian Instrument Data and Models


The Canadian magnetometer (CARISMA, CANOPUS, IMAGE, THEMIS) array data can be accessed and manipulated using the GMAG software packages: 

Aurora-ASI, THEMIS, REGO, and TREx Imagers

The Canadian All-Sky Imager array (Aurora-ASI, THEMIS, REGO, and TREx) data can be accessed and manipulated using Python packages (and soon IDL packages) maintained by the UoC:


The SuperDARN Community maintains a comprehensive software package for manipulating and analysing SuperDARN data.

Of particular use to non-expert SuperDARN users is the pyDARN software package, where detailed installation and use instructions are available at the corresponding Git: 


The Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network (CHAIN) provides an IDL software package for downloading, reading, visualizing, and manipulating their Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde (CADI) data. 

To work with CHAIN GNSS RINEX data, the GEORINEX package provides functionality for reading and manipulating GNSS observables: 

GO-RIO Riometers

The UoC riometer network maintains software in Python and IDL: 

Mailing Lists

DASP Mailing List: 

Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) Messenger News Letter: 

Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) Mailing List: 

Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) Mailing List: To subscribe/unsubscribe for scostep-all mailing list, send email to Sean O'connell (scosteprequest(at)bc(dot)edu) with your name, affiliation, and topic of interest.

UK Magnetosphere Ionosphere Solar Terrestrial (MIST) Mailing List: 

Canadian Space Agency Solar-Terrestrial Science Mailing List: To subscribe, send an email to join-solar-terrestrial-sciences(at)lyris(dot)asc-csa(dot)gc(dot)ca 

Canadian Space Agency Atmospheric Science Mailing List: To subscribe, send an email to join-atmospheric-sciences(at)lyris(dot)asc-csa(dot)gc(dot)ca 

Super Dual Auroral Radar Network Mailing List: 

UK Solar Physics Mailing List: 

European Heliophysics Community Newsletter: Send email to helio-europe-on (at) gfz-potsdam (dot) de